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Bellini (with peaches and frizzante), rosemary and pecorino shortbread  


Homemade Cappelletti with lemon and tarragon sauce with crushed pea
and parsley stuffing and sweet balsamic baby onions


Confit duck layered with puy lentils and sautéed pink shallots and served with
braised gooseberry


A hot Thai style broth with mussels and clams and tiger prawn served with a
soothing lemongrass, lime, coriander and ginger sorbet


Squash and red onion tarte tatin on anna potatoes and hollandaise with sautéed

Palm hearts and sorrel Broccoli mash (V)


Jugged Hare served with thyme roasted vegetables and potatoes with redcurrants


Local free-range chicken supreme, stuffed with a basil and chicken thigh lemon

mousseline, wrapped in pancetta and served with gremolata mash, char-grilled

aubergine and asparagus and a rocket sauce


Lightly home cured salmon served with a celeriac slaw, marsh samphire, roast
baby beetroot with garlic and a dill and grain mustard dressing


Dessert platter
(you get all of these...)
Fresh raspberries and forest fruits set in a thick coulis
Homemade rose crème anglais ice cream and a hot raspberry consommé
Baked chocolate tart with orange candy and tia maria cream


SUMMER has never seemed so fickle as this year and we've been

putting off the summer secret restaurant in the hope of a some

real sunshine. We've decided IT'S ON ITS WAY! and have found

a beach-side venue on the under cliff walk to suit the occasion.

The WHITE CLIFFS CAFE has re-opened, bringing back to life an

abandoned art deco building in one of the best spots on the local

coastline. It is perfect for the SECRET RESTAURANT, far enough

way from the throng, right on the beach. WE LOVE IT! 


THE IDEA this time is for us all to have dinner from about

7.30pm. Simon's coming down from Bath to DJ some beach-side

tunes while we eat. We'll crank it up a little a bit later to

something nice and funky, but not too much hard work! We've

got a licence till 2am so a bit of dancing isn't out of the question...


We've loved creating the menu for this one. As usual, we've tried

to catch the FLAVOURS or MOODS of the SEASON, with a very,

very faint hint of autumn.


As we're open for ONE NIGHT ONLY, it would be great if you

could choose what you're having for starter and main in advance.

If you can't decide, you could let us know if you're a vegetarian

just to make sure everyone gets what they want! (If you are

veggie but don't like what we're cooking, please tell us!)  


Venue: White Cliffs Cafe, Undercliff Walk, Saltdean
: Friday 17th August
: 7.30pm –2.00am

Price: £30.00 p/h


Tell other nice people!st December -The Secret Restaurant £50.00 per head
22nd December - The Secret Restaurant 2nd night £50.00 per head

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