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bbq & table buffet


This format works perfectly if you plan to have a marquee or a barn reception. Whether you have a banquet style long table or traditional round tables for your guests, we bring the BBQ to you; wooden platters with smoky food straight from the coals with sharing bowls of salads and sides. It has the feel of a formal dinner but creates a rowdy atmosphere as people pass the bowls and plates around to share. It also means you don’t have that queue of tables going to the buffet table one by one...

We provide all tableware, service staff, chefs, bbq hire and charcoal.

bbq & buffet (Informal)


Using the same menu, you could also abandon the idea of a sit-down meal and go for the informal BBQ and Buffet.  Perhaps you won’t even have tables, just hay bales and a stage for the band in your marquee.
We provide plates and cutlery, chefs, clearing staff, bbq hire and charcoal.

sample barbecue menu

barbecue menu 

Tender marinated topside of beef steaks

Butterflied leg of lamb with a ras el hanout rub

Long skewers of tender cumin spiced minted lamb

Lightly dill-cured salmon fillet

Lime & coriander marinated tuna

Boned chicken thighs with a Boston barbecue sauce

Chipotle haloumi and Tandoori haloumi
Marinated Portobello mushrooms with lemon, tarragon & goat cheese

Caramelised sweet potato with honey

Request our brochure to see our Premium BBQ Options they are very special indeed...


We can be found in fields; woods and gardens throughout the summer cooking up delicious barbecue treats in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey & the South East. 


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