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Working lunches...


•  save time, maintain focus,  
   and enhance working



•  Provide nutricious, delicious 

   food, when and where you 

   need it. Ensure people are
   ready for the rigors of the
   afternoon, nobody does their
   best work when they're


•  Can be a cost effective way 
   of providing food in the
   workplace. No fuss, no
   waste, no rumbling tummies!






The choice is yours

Sandwiches or salad boxes, delivered to you.

Minimum numbers apply.


We are experienced corporate caterers, reliable & flexible
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Lunch on the go

Everybody needs a break, the trick is not to stop the productive flow. All work and no play, well we know where that goes, so we deliver playful treats at lunchtime for you to enjoy wherever you are. Delicious healthy food ready when you are, so you're able to get back to the important stuff...

hospitality working lunches


Whether you need a quick refuel between meetings or a relaxed opportunity to network with clients over a bite, our working lunches provide the perfect solution. We will deliver on high quality disposable platters at a time to suit and you take it from there.


With the emphasis on delicious we keep everyone happy, dietary requirements can be catered for by request and whatever you choose the freshness of our ingredients will delight your tastebuds. We deliver platters of sandwiches, cakes and snacks to your specification or you can leave the choices to us in the knowledge we will provide a tasty lunch, with different fillings from day to day. 


An increasing number of people understand the need for a healthy diet and our lunches can reflect that, sandwich fillings can be tailored for the more calorie conscious or we could do away with them all together! Our fresh salads come in their own 'noodle style' box, with dressings on the side to keep everything crisp. All salad boxes come with disposable wooden cutlery and are both substantial and nutritious... just without the bread.


sample salad box menu


Greek Salad

Duck Salad with Lentils and Yoghurt

Chicken Salad with Sun-Blush Tomato, Avocado and Pasta
Quinoa with Lentils, Feta and Roasted Vegetables

Roast Vegetables, Spinach, Goat Cheese and Rocket

Roast Salmon, Beetroot and Spinach with Crouton and Cucumber