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The Choice Is Yours...


•  Six flavours created for you.


•  Served throughout the day
   or as your dessert.


•  Delicious gelato or sorbets.


Perfect For... 


•  Weddings

•  Birthdays

•  Corporate Events

•  Canapé receptions
•  Product Launches


talk to us to discuss your event or request a brochure.





Traditional & Inventive
Do you have a favourite flavour? Let us know and we will work with our friends at Boho Gelato in Brighton to create your perfect scoop, from classic ripples to cocktails and beyond. 


Past Favouites

Choc Orange Nougat | Peanut Butter & Jam on Toast | Lime & Chilli | Rhubarb & Mango Custard | Choc Rose Sorbet | Toffee Apple | Cherry Pie | Bronte Pistachio | Sea-salt Caramel Sorbet | Thai Green Tea | Mojito | Orange Marscapone & Caramel



gelato trike


The Secret Restaurant has been busy getting ready for the summer and has a delightful new addition to the team.


You can ask us to bring our beautiful gelato trike to your celebration... these iced delights will complement Champagne and canapé receptions for weddings, birthdays or product launches and bring some fun to conferences and delegate days... once you taste the ice-cream, gelatos and sorbets... you'll be glad you did.


Why not do away with formal desserts all together and have our gelato trike instead, get everyone up and mobile while we turn the room around for the evening's fun.


Six flavours from the delectable Boho Gelato served in sugar cones or tubs. Talk to us to discuss your event or request a brochure.