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Romance has definitely been a theme for us over the last year. We got married, had a baby and then went on our honeymoon to Italy. So we thought Valentine’s would be a perfect day to host

the next Secret Restaurant... and for our own little treat, we’re

going to hark back to the honeymoon and bring you some of

our Italian favourites...


And we’re coming back to town... the last couple of Secret Restaurants have been out of town in country houses... Valentine’s Day is a Monday this year so we thought we’d stay local – and in one of our favourite Brighton spaces...


We’ve been learning all about Italian food and flavours

and applying it to our own cooking. I love the idea of the apperitivo – the ‘opening’ of the palate before dinner – best

had with something cold and fizzy in my opinion.

It’s just like an amuse bouche, but somehow seems a little

more honest – equally about the quality of ingredient rather

than just the intricate skills of the chef...


We’ll be offering the fashionable Apperitivo with Prosecco when you arrive.


Once seated, we’ll be bringing a series of tastes and flavours to your

table... things to share, morsels to keep for yourselves – using newly

discovered ingredients for us, like Burrata (a super creamy
mozzarella) and Nduja (a spicy, spreadable salami to

rival the best chorizo!).


Dessert is all about lemons and liquorice, chocolate and coffee.

Delicious! See you there! There’ll be no hurry as usual; your

table is yours for the evening...

To book: Nicola@thesecretrestaurant.co.uk
T: 07986 541894
£35 ph/£40 to include ‘Apperitivo and prosecco


Apperitivo and prosecco £5 – to include
one glass of Prosecco

Home made Focaccia with nduja
Crispy polenta with creamed cod and lemon
Deep fried breaded queen olives with Taleggio and roasted garlic (v)




Antipasto to share
Bruschetta with pomodoro, basil and Burrata
Sun-dried peppers marinated with fresh herbs
Spicy salami
Crusty breads


Home-made ravioli
Ricotta, spinach and pinenut with lemon zest with a truffle and sage
sauce and sautéed chestnut mushroom

Sticky cherry duck breast with gremolata mash and kale
Aubergine and provolone, char-grilled and pressed with courgette and
a slow cooked tomato compote, with gremolata mash and kale (v)


Dolce to share (all of these)
Coffee, tia maria and chocolate tart brulee,
Flan di limoncello
Licorice icecream

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